TopDrill Chip Breakers Pulverize Aluminum, Cast Iron ( Jun. 19. 2015 )

Chip breakers are an intrinsic part in most cutting tools because they improve chip control and reduce cutting resistance which, when properly coupled together, increases the machining performance.

In order for chips to be broken into suitable lengths and not wrap around the workpiece, TaeguTec has launched two new chip breakers for the TopDrill line: the “DK” type for cast iron drilling and the “DA” type for aluminum drilling.

TaeguTec’ s current “DP” chip breaker was developed for general drilling applications whereas the new geometry “DK” type, which utilizes the TT6080 grade, improves wear resistance when machining cast iron.

Both help customers reduce their operating cost and delay the development of tool wear as well as improve stability during the machining process of cast iron materials.

The “DA” chip breaker is designed with a polished top face surface as well as a sharp edge to minimize cutting resistance and built-up-edges while drilling into aluminum workpieces which helps to avoid chipping and fracturing of the cutting edge normally caused by vibration.

Both the “DK” and “DA” chip breakers are available in the same size range as the current “DP” geometry inserts.

During several case studies on aluminum workpieces, the “DA” transformed chips into pellet sized shards which were quickly and efficiently evacuated from the insert through the TopDill’s advanced body and flute design in order to avoid any damage to the drill or workpiece.

In case studies on the “DK” chip breaker, TaeguTec’s newest offering to the highly popular TopDrill line increase tool life by as much as 88 percent while machining ductile cast iron workpieces.