Small but Powerful Positive Insert with Dovetail Design ( Jan. 05. 2015 )

With the new year upon us, TaeguTec is introducing the ChaseMill Power a brand new product line for high productivity machining even in low power and unstable setups.

What makes this different from other tools in the same category is its double dovetail insert pocket which helps to bear most of the cutting forces and relieves the insert screw from the cutting load thus providing powerful and secure insert clamping.

Moreover, this unique design makes it possible to clamp the insert with a bigger size screw compared to similar size conventional design inserts that do not do the same.

An important quality of this new addition to the ChaseMill family is the unique 2PKT 05 insert. The two cutting edges, high positive and double-sided design protect the unused cutting edge from potential damage or micro-chipping brought on by chip-hitting.

Also, the 2PKT 05 insert can take a depth of cut up to 4.2 millimeters (maximum) and produces true 90 degrees shouldering even with multiple passes. To cover a wide range of machining applications, the 2PKT 05 insert is available in two geometries: “M” for general purpose machining applications and “ML” for low power machining in unstable setups and long overhangs.

This new line is available in end mills from 12 mm to 32 mm, modular type from 12 mm to 25 mm and face mill type from 32 mm to 40 mm.

To facilitate deep cavity or shoulder machining, the end mill types are also available in the overcut diameter sizes of 13 mm, 17 mm and 21 mm.

TaeguTec’s ChaseMill Power line is ideally suited for the mold and die, automotive, miniature and general purpose industries.

It is a versatile tool that can perform general face milling, true 90 degree shoulder milling, full slotting, straight as well as helical ramping, all with high productivity and reliability.