T-Holder New Combi Clamp Clamps in Savings ( Nov. 21. 2014 )

As industries evolve to incorporate newer manufacturing trends in order to adapt to the changing demands of customers looking for better, stronger products at a better value, so is TaeguTec evolving their products to meet those needs.

In keeping up with Asian metalworking giant's philosophy of always improving existing products while developing newer ones, TaeguTec has moved ahead by giving its popular T-Holder line for ceramic inserts a make-over.

The updated T-Holder can now mount a special new interchangeable clamp which effectively and economically machines cast iron and high hardened steel.

Compared to the current line of ceramic holders, the new economical T-Holder Combi Clamp system can mount inserts that have different thicknesses, hence covering more applications with a single holder.

Moreover, it is designed to be stronger and more stable over the existing Combi Clamp model as the contact area between the insert and the clamp has been increased for improved machining performance.

Conventional clamps often need to be replaced once the carbide plate is broken. To save on downtime and cost, TaeguTec's new T-Holder Combi Clamp eliminates the need to replace the entire clamp by designing the tool in a way that permits the machinist to only replace the carbide plate.

The new T-Holder's wider contact area is made possible due to the clamp's stable joint force which enhances the overall strength over other conventional ceramic holders.

Another important feature that saves the machine shop money and time is that by changing only the Combi Clamp, the new T-Holder system can mount flat types, hole types and dimple type inserts on the same holder.