New TT2510 Grade Turns Hardened Steel Into Easy Steel ( Feb. 10. 2014 )

Competition in today’s machining industry is fiercer than ever with shops wanting to machine faster, better and with greater precision with the goal of offering their product at a competitive price.

In response to the growing demands from the die and mold, general and heavy industries, TaeguTec, one of Asia’s largest metalworking companies, launched a new high wear resistant milling grade for hardened steel.

The new TT2510 grade is an ultra-fine grain size substrate with a specialized PVD coating that enhances the insert’s high wear and oxidation resistant characteristics, especially while machining at higher temperatures.

Case studies showed that the new PVD grade is setting the standard for machining hardened steel, pre-hardened steel as well as tool steel all materials heavily used and relied upon in the die and mold, general and heavy industries.

In every case study against the leading competitors offering, TaeguTec’s TT2510 increased tool life by a minimum of 50 percent with maximums being off the charts.

The most impressive result came from machining a workpiece made from 1.2370 (HRC 58). With all cutting conditions being the same, the PVD coated TT2510 embarrassed the competition by increasing tool life by a whopping 400 percent.

On a H13 (HRC 50) workpiece, the TT2510 increased productivity by a jaw-dropping 66 percent.

Other tests found that the TT2510 increased tool life by anywhere from 50 percent to 60 percent with all the machining parameters being the same.