TaeguTec’s ChaseMold Diversifies to Machine Difficult Materials ( Nov. 12. 2013 )

The growth and need to find tools that can easily handle difficult-to-cut materials is making many machine shops rethink their current practices by looking at innovative cutting tools that not only outperform other offerings but can also cut cost.

TaeguTec, one of Asia’s largest metalworking companies, is responding to these challenges and needs by expanding its new ChaseMold line with new insert geometries that meet customers’ needs in the aerospace and power generation sectors where machining trends are moving towards sticky and difficult-to-cut materials that require higher tool stability, economy and long life.

The “MLL” and “L” geometries are optimized for heat resistant super alloy (HRSA) metals such as titanium-, cobalt- and nickel based alloys.

Both new geometries have a higher rake angle for smooth cutting and reduced cutting force and optimized design to avoid build-up-edges on sticky materials.

The “L” geometry is perfect for heat resistant super alloys such as inconel, rene and titanium alloys while the “ML” geometry easily tackles difficult-to-cut materials with higher feed rates.

In a series of tests, TaeguTec’s new offerings outperformed their competitor while machining inconel and titanium alloy.

In one case study, the new geometries easily handled the milling of an aerospace part made with inconel 718 and in doing so, blew away the competition by increasing tool life and productivity by 100 percent.

In another test, with all conditions remaining the same, TaeguTec’s new geometry increased tool life by three times while milling a titanium alloy part also used in the aerospace sector.

Also, the South Korean giant has added two new RYMX insert types to its comprehensive and versatile ChaseMold family.

Prior to this new product launch, it was possible to have eight indexable corners as long as the depth-of-cut was within the prescribed value. However, when depth-of-cuts exceeded the recommendation, it was possible to achieve only four indexable corners.

To improve cost effectiveness through the better utilization of inserts, TaeguTec released the RYMX 12 with six indexable corners for a depth of cut up to 2.5 mm and the RYMX 16 with seven indexable corners for a depth of cut up to 3.5 mm.

Moreover the new inserts are compatible with the current line of the New ChaseMold standard cutters.

Inquiries can be made by contacting your local TaeguTec office or by visiting www.taegutectimes.com