TT8080 Grade Expands to Cover Positive Turning Inserts ( Nov. 10. 2017 )

The TT8080 grade has been expanded to positive turning inserts.

The TT8080 grade characterized by excellent toughness and chipping resistance is suitable for a wide range of machining applications, especially on stainless steels and heat resistant alloys.

Launched in 2016, the TT8080 grade was only available for negative inserts. Now, TaeguTec offers this same high toughness and chipping resistant grade to internal and small parts processing customers using positive inserts for a wider range of machining solutions.

TT8080 grade features
- Excellent machining performance for stainless steel under low cutting speed and interrupted cutting conditions
-  The latest coating technology with enhanced wear resistance for long tool life
-  Eliminates coating layer delamination because of the strong coating adhesion
-  Superior anti-chipping ability