Diamonds are a Machinist’s Best Friend ( Jun. 28. 2016 )

TaeguTec Offers Many Solutions for the Machining of Difficult-to-cut Composite Materials

With the increasing application of composite materials in the market, TaeguTec is pleased to supply new PCD milling inserts, diamond coated solid carbide end mills and drills for effective machining of composite materials.

In recent years, the demand for strong, lightweight materials from industries ranging from aerospace, motorsport to power generation, has led to the development and implementation of composite materials.

Composites, such as CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) are 70 percent lighter than steel and 40 percent less than aluminum alloy. For aerospace, in particular, CFRP is a very popular material because of its reduced weight, which equates to higher fuel efficiency.

In various industrial fields such as automotive, wind power energy and recreation industries, the advantages of using composite materials are more effective due to the material’s lighter weight and superior stability over conventional counterparts.

These new tooling solutions satisfy the unique cutting conditions of difficult materials as they have been designed to combine the specific grade, required geometry and high technology diamond coating for processing composite materials.

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) inserts allow for faster speeds and feeds compared to other conventional cutting tool materials. TaeguTec specifically designed its PCD inserts to prevent surface delamination of composite materials.

To offer a wider range of option while machining CFRP, TaeguTec’s diamond coated solid carbide end mills come in four different types.

Ideal for splitter routers, the RRFE type eliminates delamination, offers low cutting force and less vibration and is a high productivity tool for roughing applications.

Another diamond coated solid carbide end mill offered by TaeguTec used to machine CFRP is the RCFE type, which like the RRFE eliminates delamination, offers low cutting force, less vibration and is a high productivity tool for roughing applications – the difference being that it is used on multi flute routers.

For finishing applications, TaeguTec recommends the diamond coated solid carbide end mill RCOM which eliminates delamination and comes in a left and right handed helix type.

The fourth offering by TaeguTec to machine CFRP, which is also for finishing applications and eliminates delamination and splintering, is the low helix RDCF type.

As for diamond coated solid carbide drills, TaeguTec’s CFRP drills are a perfect choice when looking for a tool that eliminates delamination during through hole machining.

To ensure the tools last longer while increasing productivity, TaeguTec has made available two new grades for the CFRP line.

The TD830, with its ultra-fine diamond grit size PCD grade, has excellent wear resistance, edge strength and quality and has exceptional abrasion resistance and good thermal stability.

The other recommended grade for the CFRP line is the TTD610. With its advanced nano diamond coating, this outstanding grade provides longer tool life and machining stability, has excellent abrasive wear resistance (hardness is over Hv 8,000) and has one of the highest thermal conductivity, impact resistance and processing stability in the entire line.