ChaseMill Gets Thicker Higher Positive Helix Angle ( Sep. 16. 2014 )

TaeguTec's ChaseMill line is introducing a new insert featuring a higher positive helix angle cutting edge in a variety of grades.

The APKT 1706 focuses on productivity due to its smooth machining on all materials used in general applications, heavy and automotive industries.

Its noticeable difference over the APKT 1705 is its almost 1 millimeter difference in thickness making it a stronger insert that enhances the already robust machining capabilities the line is known for on all materials.

The insert’s higher positive helix angle of 13 degrees achieves smoother machining than previous similar tools.

In keeping with the line’s focus on economical smart machining, the APKT 1706 is compatible with the ChaseMill’s current line of APKT 1705 cutters and holders making it a perfect choice as an upgrade without having to spend a lot of money on additional tools.

Case studies on an SCM4 work piece showed that the APKT 1706 tool life increased by 27 percent over a similar offering.