Mill2Rush’s New Concept to Winning Formula ( Jul. 15. 2014 )

TaeguTec has introduced a new concept to the highly popular Mill2Rush line, the TNMX 18 inserts and cutters.

From top to bottom, the 18 millimeter long insert and its accompanying cutters offers 90 degrees machining solutions for facing, shouldering and slotting applications on a wide range of materials such as aluminum, low and high carbon steel, alloy, tool, stainless and gray cast iron steels

Its triangular shape and double-sided six cutting edges makes the TNMX 18 insert a truly economical solution for the various operations used in today’s multifaceted manufacturing companies.

To assist with lowering cutting loads, the Asian metalworking giant has designed the TNMX 18 insert with a high helical and positive cutting edge geometry that also makes the machining process stable, which in turn increases productivity while cutting on cost.

Also, the 8 mm insert thickness enables for powerful machining while the angled screw clamping design promotes rigid clamping.

Overall, the entire Mill2Rush line is designed to provide an economical solution to complicated machining operations by reducing the cutting force and vibration while offering an excellent surface finish.

Two case studies that bids TaeguTec’s TNMX 18 against the leading competition shows the prowess power of the expanded line.

The first was on a cast iron workpiece. With all the same cutting conditions, TaeguTec’s TNMX 18 line not only increased tool life by 85 percent, but productivity skyrocketed a whopping 100 percent.

For the second noted case study, TaeguTec tested the TNMX 18 on alloy steel. In this case, the new addition to the Mill2Rush line increased tool life and productivity by 25 percent against a leading competitor’s similar offering.