Slotting With TopSlot’s New 3-Edge Mill Grooving Insert ( Apr. 03. 2014 )

TaeguTec launched a new line of economic mill grooving inserts and cutters to optimally perform

slot-machining across a wide range of industries including automotive and aerospace where the production of hydraulic components and precision groove milling is required.

Designed with precision ground inserts for accuracy when machining, the new mill grooving, three-edge TopSlot line is capable of handling internal and external grooving in a width range from 1.2 mm to 6.0 mm.

The three cutting edge inserts are designed to maximize economic output because even if one cutting edge breaks, another two remain.

The new TopSlot line is offered in two cutter types, a general type with a width of cut of 1.2 mm to 4 mm and a B Type width of cut that performs slotting operations that measure 4.01 mm to 6 mm.

The superior design of the new TopSlot line enables closer pitch and thus higher productivity compared to the competition. Moreover, the insert’s strong design and reinforced support gives better security and prevention from breakage.

An added benefit of the new TopSlot line is that the bottom relief of the tool makes the insert slightly tilted in the pocket which enables for shallow face machining.

To maximize on productivity, the TopSlot line includes finer pitch cutters in the same diameter range as the competition and is also dedicated to circlips, o-rings and retaining grooves.

The inserts thick and strong cutting edges offer higher productivity and longer tool life than the competition.

During tests against the competition where all machining factors were the same, TaeguTec’s TopSlot line recorded an increase of tool life by 140 percent and a productivity increase of 20 percent.