Mill2Rush’s ML Geometry Forms Difficult-to-cut Materials ( Mar. 21. 2014 )

With the expansion of the Mill2Rush family of cutters, the new geometry selection widens the application range of the 6NGU line with improved performance on a variety materials and conditions.

The new “ML” geometry design on the Mill2Rush includes a high positive rake angle for reduced cutting force, minimal vibration and longer tool life.

The “ML” chip former was adapted to be used on low power consumption machines and enables excellent surface finish.

The 6NGU line is now available in three chip former types: “M” for general machining of steel and cast iron, the new “ML” for low cutting force on difficult-to-cut materials as well as carbon steel and alloy steel and the “AL” type which was designed to machine aluminum and non-ferrous materials.

A case study on the leading competitors offering found that tool life was increased by 50 percent while machining a work piece made from alloy steel at 200 m/min cutting speed, 0.12 feed rate, 45 mm width of cut and 3 mm depth of cut.

Another case study, but this time on stainless steel, discovered that TaeguTec’s new “ML” chip former on the 6NGU Mill2Rush line increased tool life by a whopping 176 percent against a leading competitor's similar tool when all the machining conditions were the same.