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Title TaeguTec’s “Productivity Forum” Facebook Page Launch
Date Aug . 06. 2012 Photos

TaeguTec is proud to announce the official on-line marketing campaign to enhance connectivity with our subsidiaries, distributors, dealers, machining end-users as well as the public.
This is expected to be one of TaeguTec’s social networking services to introduce TaeguTec productivity tools, whilst building brand value of the company’s name via public channels envisioned in our marketing communication model.

The TaeguTec Productivity Forum has been established for end-user access to ask and receive assistance from TaeguTec staff regarding general machining issues.
Our professional staff will provide machining tips and answers to end-user questions to assist in their day to day machining issues.
Furthermore, it will also offer several other features including a brief description of TaeguTec, a web page for photo sharing, a link to TaeguTec Times with machining articles, success stories, new product information and the latest information on TaeguTec activities.

With this on-line content, in addition to a link to TT Members Youtube page, TaeguTec now provides a more integrated on-line presence to boost our customers satisfaction.