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ISCAR is one of the fastest growing companies in the metalworking industry. Each and every year since it was founded, ISCAR has reported an increase in sales. During good times and bad, it has been ISCAR's innovations in metal cutting that has, and will most probably continue to, propel the company to greater and greater heights. ISCAR's headquarters is located in Israel, with fully-owned subsidiaries and other representatives in more than 50 countries around the globe. The company's QS-9000 certified manufacturing facilities are divided by function and purpose. Separate buildings produce and press carbide powders. There are additional factories that specialize in tools for the automotive and aerospace industries. Milling products and toolholders are located in separate facilities.
iscar2 There is a factory dedicated solely to toolholders and another built just to produce micro products. The entire organization is arranged to allow for specialization. It is this separation of activities that has resulted in hundreds of new products and product variations each year. Over half of the company's sales are from products developed within the last five years. Throughout the company hard-working individuals apply themselves to the creation of efficient, practical and economical solutions for clients all over the world. All ISCAR factories are spacious and air-conditioned all year with excellent working conditions.
The philosophy of Stef Wertheimer, ISCAR's founder and Chairman, is being enhanced with the continuous development and improvement of products and services.

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