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IMC's World of Metal Cutting
The IMC Group of Companies is organized by industry and application. Each respective division is a specialist in its own particular market segment.
The degree of specialization enables each group member to concentrate on its own area of expertise. This organizational structure also ensures customers of IMC companies receive the highest level of service.
The ability to direct every customer call to the most knowledgeable person in the organization creates an efficient and enhanced customer experience. This is supported by local specialists that are available to provide the customer with
on-site assistance.
Utilizing modern communication techniques, the local IMC engineer is always in contact with other specialists to provide the customer with the finest expert advice in the metalworking world.
The organizational concept has resulted in fast effective solutions to complex machining problems. It also pushes the business to expand and ensure that new products are developed to enhance our market penetration.

Commodity & Tool Management Services is an independent business division of the IMC Group, dedicated to delivering tool management services to help customers reduce their production costs. The CTMS team comprises of tool management professionals in key areas including logistics, engineering and IT, all critical to cost reduction in the supply chain and manufacturing processes affected by cutting tools.
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IT.TE.DI. is well-known for its high precision tools designed mainly for machining aluminum. Most of the company뭩 production is sold to the automotive industries for various applications, such as machining aluminum engine blocks, gear boxes, carburetors, etc.
IT.TE.DI.뭩 manufacturing facility and marketing headquarters is located in Arezzo, Italy. They ship a large variety of combination tools, including brazed, disposable, PCD and CBN inserts, to manufacturing companies throughout the world.

Micro Tools
Micro Tools, located in Israel, manufactures small, high precision mechanical parts for companies around the world. In addition to sintered tungsten carbide, Micro Tools produces parts made of combinations of steels, ceramics and tungsten carbide. These miniature parts are manufactured according to its customers' drawings and specifications, each meeting the most exacting requirements.
Micro Tools has also developed many off-the-shelf products. The first product and still one of the most popular is a first of its kind ceramic sleeve for the fiber optics industry. The company has also developed a variety of high precision production techniques, many of which have been incorporated in its own facilities. These technologies, which include unique machines, machine tools and production processes, are providing Micro Tools' customers with advantages in quality, service and price.
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Outiltec SARL was established in 1981. Today the company operates in a modern facility in the heart of Europe, in the small French town of Soufflenheim, 30 kilometers north of Strasbourg. The company produces a range of standard and special cutting tools including reamers, drills and profiling tools. Outiltec is best known for its gundrills used for drilling deep holes. The Outiltec gundrill consists of a single-piece carbide head, a streamlined tube and a driver. A characteristic of the gundrill is its transmission of lubricant inside of the shank and evacuation of chips utilizing the V-shaped external flute.
The Outiltec gundrills come in a range of standard sizes and designs, with carbide heads, PCD tips and solid carbide versions for very small diameters. They can also be tailor- made according to the customer's specifications and designs.
Gundrills are used in the machining of car parts, dies and molds, machine tools and miniature parts.
Outiltec is ISO 9002 certified, supplying its tools to many leading industrial companies in France and other European markets. The company became a member of the IMC Group in 2002.
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Experience You Can Rely On!
Unitac inc. provides a full range of brazed and indexable single tube and double tube deep hole drilling tools-delivering to you drillheads and accessories of finest workmanship in the industry at an extremely attractive price.
Unitac tools are completely interchangeable with the standard tooling you are now using-simply attach the drill head to your existing boring bar and continue drilling.
Unitac's engineers have been researching and designing deep hole drilling tools and machines for over 25 years. We hold and have patents pending for over ten deep hole drilling designs including Unireamer, UNIDEX, special insert designs, guide pad protectors, cutting edge geometry, and double tube system, technology. All design work is performed on a series of CAD station to provide the flexibility to not only design Unitac's standard line of tooling but to adapt and design tools to fit your special needs quickly and efficiently. Sales engineers and technicians are available to consult with you about your deep hole drilling operation when you need them. See back cover for contact information.
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