Global Network
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Global Network

TaeguTec is a globally recognized supplier. The company supplies high quality products to a network of subsidiaries and distributors

in more than 40 major industrialized countries. Each TaeguTec office is equipped with the latest technology and a team of dedicated

staff to discuss customer support, engineering and product development needs. This is supported by TaeguTec's warehouse and

logistic facilities.

A 24-hour delivery system in Europe functions from its central warehouse in Belgium. Each office provides staff speaking the local language and English. Employees are also trained to provide technical seminars to support its clients and distributors in each local market. This is supported by annual customer technical seminars and conferences at TaeguTec's advanced manufacturing facility

and R&D headquarters in Korea.

TaeguTec prides itself in keeping abreast of the latest developments and technical advances in the metal working and industrial

products sectors.