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Research & Development

TaeguTec's R&D Team is dedicated to developing the finest products in the industry. This includes a new generation of ultra-fine carbide cutting grades and enhanced CVD, PVD and TiAIN coatings. Additionally, TaeguTec is producing the world's first 'pressed-to-size' ceramic inserts. This development reduces the cost of ceramic inserts while providing improved cutting performance.

Businesses in the semiconductor industry have long required an improved die material for advanced technologies. TaeguTec's R&D team developed its new D20 grade that has exceeded tool life and performance expectations for the industry.

As product life cycles decrease, industry demands increase. TaeguTec's R&D team meets the demand by providing world class products in anticipation of customer needs. In many cases, TaeguTec assists customers throughout the development stage of a new product.

This allows its R&D department to provide new, unconventional solutions to reduce customers costs before production begins.

The highly skilled design engineers at TaeguTec뭩 R&D department are devoted to developing the world뭩 best products available to

the industry.

The engineers design optimally configured inserts and holders applying to rotating and non-rotating tools. They analyze prototype products through simulations and other advanced techniques to ensure machining reliability and customer cost savings. Recent R&D projects have strenuously focused on productivity improvements to achieve cost reductions.

TaeguTec뭩 R&D team has developed the highest level of carbide cutting tools from the T-Drill, which has become a synonym for insert type drills and the long narrow MQL drill through to a range of chipbreakers that cover entire machining applications. Moreover, the range stretches further to enable excellent surface finish and superior chip control.