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The MULTIMILL is a 2 in 1 tool (rough + finish) that facilitates one pass finishing!!
Features & Benefits

4 flute high helix design with two serrated and two continuous flutes. This permits running at rough milling parameters with the ability   to achieve smooth surface finishes.
All 4 flutes are effective simultaneously. No compromise of feed rates.
Unique design enables efficient machining with good chip evacuation & reduced vibrations even at high loads. This results in   improved tool life.
The MULTIMILL can replace 2 end mills (rough + finish) without the need for reducing feed rates. This drastically reduces machining   time.
Reduces tool change and set-up times.
Reduces inventory costs of stocking extra tools.
The MULTIMILL is ideally suited for machining all types of steels and gives superior performance especially in stainless steels,   titanium, inconel and other high temperature alloys.


  • FSM 4_M: Rough + Finish, 4 Flutes, 45 Helix
  •  vissza