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TaeguTec introduces a new wiper geometry for ceramic and CBN Inserts.

TaeguTec뭩 new wiper geometry for Ceramic and CBN turning inserts will provide dramatically increased productivity combined with improved quality of surface finish.
The main application areas for these inserts is the turning of hard materials and high speed machining of cast irons.
ceraminCBN_1 Wiper Geometry Principles
Wiper geometry inserts can be applied at DOUBLE the feed rate of conventional inserts, yet provide the same quality of surface finish IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY NO REDUCTION IN QUALITY
When applied at the same feed rate the surface finish quality will be TWICE as good as conventional inserts IMPROVED QUALITY NO REDUCTION IN PRODUCTIVITY
ceraminCBN_2 Features, Benefits and Comments
  • Reduced insert deviation with improved surface finish and repeatability even when using      standard tool-holders. This is achieved via the high accuracy of the unique wiper design that      minimizes out of tolerance approach angle to a maximum of 1.5.
  • Improved cycle times and productivity as high feed machining of hardened steel and cast iron      materials is possible due to the unique insert wiper design.
  • Ceramic grades are recommended for both finishing and roughing applications on gray cast      iron, hardened steels and ductile cast iron.
  • CBN inserts can be applied at DOUBLE conventional feed rates with no loss in surface quality      of machined part. This dramatic improvement in productivity means that CBN can often be      applied as a cost effective alternative to grinding operations on hardened parts.
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