Holemaking  >  T-Ream (Indexable or solid Reamer)
A Quick Interchangeable Multi Edged Reamer
B5 & B9 Reaming Heads
  • High speeds and feeds for higher productivity
  • No set-up time
  • Low run-out (max. 3μm)
  • One shank can be used for a wide range of hole diameters with various types of cutting edges      and grades.
  • Durable, due to the combination of a solid carbide head and flexible steel shank
  • No potential of losing any clamping parts that could possibly fall during indexing
  • Internal coolant is directed to the cutting edges for the most efficient lubrication and extremely      long tool life
  • Suitable for near dry machining (MQL)
  • No need to remove the tool from the spindle credit to the frontal indexing system
  • Range
    Diameter: 11.5mm - 32.0mm
    Head type: Straight & Left-handed flute
    Holder: 3xD, 5xD, 8xD
    TBReam1_p Single Edged Reamer for high speed reaming

  • Outstanding points of TB-REAM
  • Economical insert (2 cutting edges)
  • High speed reaming
  • Internal coolant
  • For IT5 tolerance and higher
  • For interrupted applications
  • Back taper/cone adjustment
  • Extreme Surface Finishing and Cylindricity

    Diameter: 8.0mm - 32.0mm
    Blade: 4 types of lead angle & 3 types of rake angle
    Holder: For Blind hole & For Through hole
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