Holemaking  >  M.Q.L Drill (Solid Carbide Long Drill)
Solid carbide drill with M.Q.L system
MQLdrill_p Features
  • Unique geometries provide high performance
  • Increased rigidity and low cutting forces provide high hole quality
  • Ultra-fine-substrate with TiAlN coating for high level of wear resistance & toughness

  • Deep hole drilling up to 30xD without pecking cycle
  • Higher productivity levels than conventional deep hole drills like HSS & Gun drills
  • Application on conventional machining center and no need for dedicated deep hole
         drilling machines
  • Drills are available with internal coolant as well as the M.Q.L system

  • M.Q.L system
  • Avoid generation of dioxin for the human body
  • Minimized wear of machine tool
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Long tool life with production efficiency
  • MQL_Drill