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chase2feed_2D_p The unique insert design provides constant cutting forces allowing the Bull Mill to perform at remarkable metal removal rates. The Bull Mill will reduce cycle times even on extended machining of deep cavities. It also has a simple and secure clamping and dovetail insert location system.

Load per tooth and depth of cut capability
  • XDMX 13 = 4.5mm LPT with a 2mm DOC
  • XDMX 08 = 2.5mm LPT with a 1mm DOC
  • chase2feed_4D_logo
    icon_new High feed cutters
    Chase2Feed cutters have higher density of inserts compared to other designs due to mini insert size. This enables improved productivity and higher feed rates.
    The new Chase2Feed insert with 4 cutting edges is a very cost effective solution. Customers can perform facing, shouldering, straight ramping, helical ramping and cavity machining with this cutter, that is a versatile solution for Die & Mold machine shops.

  • Particularly suitable for High Feed Machining
  • Low cutting forces
  • 4 corner inserts for cost effective machining
  • Excellent chip evacuation
  • Through coolant (air) system
  • Low chipping tendency
  • Minimum Diameter 16mm
  • Chase2Feed_4D Feed Line
    chase2feed_6d_p Ultra high feed cutter for facing and deep cavities.

    The ChaseFeed Plus is another innovation that provides a high level of productivity. The unique insert design is capable of high feed rates up to 4.0mm/tooth under a maximum depth of cut 2.0mm and its powerful geometry endures high cutting forces when facing and deep cavity machining with high table feeds.

  • ChaseFeed Plus is a double-sided insert with six cutting edges designed with a strong      clamping action through its inclined dovetail pocket.
  • Range
         - End Mill: Dia. 32-40mm
         - Face Mill: Dia. 50-125mm
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