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Chase2Quad_8D 45 Line For heavy machining

  • 8 cutting edges per insert for economical machining
  • Maximum depth of cut 8.8mm with 45°entering angle
  • Diverse cutter types for various applications
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    Finish mill combination type
    High speed machining of cast iron

  • The combination of CBN and ceramic produces high-speed machining that leads to
         high productivity.
  • The ceramic insert should be used with the fixed pocket and the CBN inserts with
         the adjustable pocket.
  • When applying the ceramic insert, please use a torque-adjustable wrench
         (torque less than 3N recommended).
  • It is possible to regrind the CBN inserts

  • Chase2Quad_8D 90 Line
    chase2quad3_p Adjustable cutters for finish milling of Cast Iron & Steel
    This new 8 edge cutter delivers economical performance with excellent surface that derives from the long wiper and fine pitch insert design.

  • The 8 cutting edges of SNEX 1204-W & SNEX 1204 P-W offer an economical milling solution
         for Cast Iron machining ? commonplace in the automotive industry.
  • The FinishMill insert consists of a simple design that delivers reliable and secure clamping
         to reduce cutter setting times.
  • The 4 cutting edges of SNET 1205-W offer an economical milling solution for steel machining.
  • The FinishMill is the ideal cutter for productive and high quality surface finish requirements. (Rmax 8~10, Waveness 5~8 )
  • CBN insert offers high speed solution for cast iron finishing.

  • For general & shoulder milling

  • 8 cutting edges per insert for economical machining.
  • Large depth of cut in face milling operations.
  • 3 types of insert.
         1. Wiper flat with corner R
         2. Wiper flat with chamfer
         3. Different corner R for various applications
  • Grades available for steel, cast iron & stainless steel machining.
  • High positive insert geometry and dimple chip breaker lower the cutting forces and      temperature.
  • Low power requirement and smooth cutting possible due to positive rake angle 6 deg.
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  • Ideally suited to general facing and automotive applications.
  • Unique angled screw clamping gives secure insert clamping and high density pitch option.
  • The fine pitch cutter improves productivity with its high feed rate capability and long tool life.
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