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Slotting Cutter
SlottingCutter T-CLAMP ULTRA Slotting cutters are specifically designed to maximize metal removal rates while providing exceptional surface finishes.
The rugged body construction has no wedges, clamps, or screws thereby making machining operations and applications much simpler.
T-CLAMP ULTRA Slotting Cutters are just one element of a totally integrated system that incorporates the well recognized and accepted Double Prism “V” method of insert retention.
This system allows the use of common insert seat sizes throughout the T-CLAMP ULTRA line, thereby reducing insert inventories.
SlottingCutter02 Features
  • Narrow width applications to 1.6mm

  • Simple easy-to-mount inserts

  • Efficient chip evacuation

  • Cutting Diameters:
    75, 100, 125, 160, 250 (mm)

    Width of Inserts:
    1.6mm - 4.0mm