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A user's guide is available with basic information to ensure the customer reaps the full benefits from the T-Clamp range.
The T-Clamp multifunctional system permits a host of operations:

  • Parting and Grooving

  • Exteral Turning and Grooving

  • Internal Turning and Grooving

  • Precision Grooving and Recessing

  • Face Grooving and Face Turning

  • Undercutting and Recessing

  • Inserts
  • Accuracy with high repeatability

  • Molded chip breaker

  • Top and bottom prisms hold insert firmly and accurately

  •      -TDJ/C-unique, double-ended insert for grooving and        parting
         -TDT-unique, double-ended insert for side turning and        grooving
         -TDA-unique, double-ended insert for aluminum wheel        machining
         -TDXU-unique, one insert for external, internal and face        turning & grooving, parting

  • Simple, accurate and rapid indexing

  • Uses standard tool blocks

  • Top and bottom seated insert alignment

  • Integral Shank Tool

  • Simple, accurate and rapid indexing

  • Top and bottom seated insert alignment

  • Stable support against side forces

  • No additional spare parts required

  • Standard shank dimensions

  • TclampSystem04