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40 mm helix cutting edge
For large part machining in the wind power, shipbuilding and power plant industries
  • High helix cutting edge
  • Double lever clamping for maximum clamping stability
  • Unique geometry gives low cutting force
  • Enhanced productivity with 40mm cutting edge
  • Suitable for low-powered machines
  • Facing and external turning possible & available in R & L type

  • 50 mm cutting edge
    For large part machining in the wind power, shipbuilding and power plant industries
  • 50mm cutting edge enables cutting up to 45mm depth of cut
  • Rectilinear shaped cutting edge ideal for heavy roughing on a high-powered machine
  • The HD insert is suitable for continuous machining and the HY insert is for interrupted
  • Two blind holes and two lever clamping system provide simple but strong clamping forces
          without lowering the rigidity of the insert
  • topduty_double_p Double sided H series chipbreaker
    New double-sided chipbreaker insert for rough and finish machining

  • Utilizes both sides to improve economy & cost reduction
  • Offers a variety of sizes and chip breakers to meet customers specific heavy rough machining
  • Economy is further improved by using one tool holder for rough to finish machining
  • topduty_32_p Double sided insert with 32mm cutting edge
    Brand new double-sided insert

  • The upper-side HT has a negative chip breaker type that is suitable for heavy machining
  • The bottom-side HD is designed to minimize the cutting load and break chips effectively when
          machining depths of cut less than 5mm
  • Strong clamping force due to hook lever system

  • topduty_ISO_p Reinforced ISO turning lever holder for large size Inserts
    Improved quality with new SHIM reinforcement

  • IC (inscribed circle) and thickness of the shim size are reinforced
  • Shim damage and vibration is minimized during heavy machining thanks to a widened contact
          area that improves rigidity
  • Customers can maintain low stock levels of the C(S)N__ 2507 inserts credit to the indexable
          shim mechanism

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