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New high pressure coolant capable groove-turning and parting tools

» Excellent performance on difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, inconel and
   other heat resistant alloys
» Good chip breaking on exotic materials under low feed rate conditions
» Reduced cycle time and higher productivity due to increased cutting speeds and
   higher feed rates
» Increased tool life even under normal coolant pressure
» T-BURST holders are capable of up to 340 bar coolant pressure

Animation Video View
Machining Video View (T-Clamp)
Machining Video View (QuadRush)
High Speed Camera Video View

Assembly guide
With the coolant outlet located on the upper jaw, directly over the insert, high pressure coolant flow is supplied to the insert’s cutting edge from the tool holder’s internal coolant channel therefore allowing effective cooling, increased tool life while preventing built-up-edges.
QuadRush T-Burst is designed with three coolant inlets for adaptability to different machine types.