Tough Grade on High Temperature Alloys _ TT8080 ( May. 02. 2016 )

TT8080 PVD Crack Resistant and Eliminates Delamination on Turning Applications

TaeguTec has unveiled the TT8080, an excellent PVD coated grade for superior performance in turning of stainless steel and high temperature alloys.

The TT8080 grade has been adapted to turning applications and is particularly well suited for stainless steel and the machining of high temperature alloys under low cutting speeds and interrupted cutting conditions.

Characterized by excellent toughness and high anti-chipping capability, the TT8080 grade is the perfect choice for interrupted and rough machining.

Compared to the existing TT8020 grade, the TT8080 grade guarantees longer tool life and higher machining stability due to improved wear resistance.

The strong coating adhesion that envelopes TaeguTec’s TT8080 is not only is crack resistant but also eliminates delamination.

Product testing on different forms of machining resulted in incredible increases of tool life over the competition.

Most notably, while conducting an interrupted facing operation on a valve body, TaeguTec’s TT8080 PVD coating increased tool life by a whopping 160 percent. On another test, but this time on a pipe fitting made from the same material, the new coating increased tool life by 71 percent on an external interrupted operation.

For external continuous machining of a ring on SUS 316, TaeguTec’s TT8080 PVD coating increased tool life by 33 percent over the competition.