Maximizing Productivity with Mill2Rush New Mini Insert ( Apr. 30. 2015 )

Double-sided Positive 6-corner Mini Insert

When milling quality workpieces, operators the world over head for a tool that is synonymous with quality, efficiency and productivity TaeguTec’s powerful Mill2Rush.

Because of its huge popularity and recent developments in casting and forging technologies, TaeguTec has expanded the Mill2Rush line to include an economical, pressed type 6-corner positive mini insert for 90 degrees machining.

With this and other tools that have been recently introduced by TaeguTec, the Asian metalworking giant has taken the lead by answered the trend of decreased depths-of-cut in casting and forging related machining applications. One of these tools is the all new Mill2Rush 6NKU 04 insert which is optimally suited for these low depths-of-cut conditions.

The cutter is designed with a rigid clamping system and a higher number of teeth to accommodate the smaller 6NKU 04 insert.

Compared to other course pitch cutters in the same diameter, the Mill2Rush 6NKU 04 line achieves high feed machining in lower depths-of-cut with better productivity from fine pitch cutters.

Also, the 6NKU 04 insert's high positive helical cutting edge offers smooth machining with low cutting forces and is available in end mill, modular and face mill types.

With the TaeguTec Mill2Rush 6NKU 04, precision 90-degree machining, just like the current 6NGU 06 and 09 inserts, is achieved at a lower cost, produces more and offers improved tool life.

During the product testing phase of development, TaeguTec’s new addition to the Mill2Rush line was pitted against a leading competitor’s similar tool. During the cast iron comparison test, the 6NKU 04 outperformed the competition by increasing productivity and tool life by 67 percent and 50 percent respectively.

On another test, this time on a workpiece made from alloy steel, the new Mill2Rush addition increased tool life by 47 percent and productivity by 50 percent.

For improved performance and cost reduction, the complete Mill2Rush line offers tools for tomorrow’s technology today.