QuadRush TQS Type Goes Up to 8.2 mm ( Jun. 02. 2014 )

When it comes to choosing a tool to perform grooving, parting and recessing operations, TaeguTec’s QuadRush is hard to beat but now the line has become even more interesting due to its expansion.

In response to customer demand, the Asian metalworking giant introduced a widened width of up to 8.2 mm “TQS” type insert which is characterized by its flat geometry and is made available in both special and profile formats.

All “TQS” inserts, including this new offering, are available in two grades. One is the cost cutting multipurpose PVD coated grade TT9080 and the other is the perfect choice for extending the tool life during high speed grooving operations on carbon and alloyed steels, the excellent cermet grade CT3000.

To go hand-and-hand with this new offering, TaeguTec is offering new tool holders to accommodate the insert range expansion from 5.3 mm to 8.2 mm. The new horizontal “TQHPR/L” holder is designed to be oriented perpendicular to suit the needs of end-users using gang turret type lathes in grooving, parting and recessing applications.

The features of the QuadRush include four cutting edges with high positive rake angles, a unique solid clamping system that guarantees high machining reliability, the holder’s pocket protects unused edges from chips during the machining process and insert indexing from both sides of the holder.

Overall, the QuadRush’s applied grades and range of geometries offer better surface quality and extended tool life – both attributes that have made the line a go-to choice.