FX to Affect Machining of Ball Studs, Pulleys ( Dec. 23. 2013 )

To affectively handle the machining of ball studs and pulleys, TaeguTec has launched a new FX turning chip breaker for mild steel that reduces tool wear by effective chip control and reduced cutting forces.

The new FX chip breaker’s innovative design is available on single- or double-sided (VBMT and VNMG designations respectively) inserts and drastically reduces cutting force and optimizes chip control.

TaeguTec’s FX chip breaker features a high positive cutting edge with a helix geometry that reduces most of the associated cutting force related to ball stud and pulley machining while a narrow chip breaker design and wave cutting edge design promotes optimal chip control which improves productivity and shorter cycle times.

Furthermore, for improved economy and productivity, the VBMT and VNMG inserts can be mounted on ISO standard holders.

During the testing stage of these two new inserts, TaeguTec found that tool life was increased by at least 30 percent.

To be more specific, during a case study on a ball stud workpiece made from 0.20 percent carbon steel, the VNMG insert with FX chip breaker blew away the competition by increasing tool life by 30 percent when machining at a speed of 235 m/min, a feedrate of 0.22 rev/min and a depth of cut of 0.8-1.2 mm.

In a second case study, but this time on a pulley made from 0.20 percent carbon steel, the VNMG’s FX chip breaker outdid the competition’s tool life by 40 percent on an external turning operation that had a cutting speed of 420 m/min, a feedrate of 0.25-0.3 mm/rev and a depth of cut of 1.5 mm.