STARMILL_New SED End Mills ( Nov. 17. 2018 )

TaeguTec has introduced a new SED type solid carbide end mill to the STARMILL line.

The STARMILL’s SED end mills specialize in difficult-to-cut materials such as stainless steel, titanium or Inconel because of its unequally spaced cutting edges, including a high helix angle, which decreases both vibration and cutting noise.

For customer convenience, the new SED type end mills have been expanded to meet various machining requirements not included in the earlier STARMILL product line.

New Products:
» SED 4...U: 4 flute medium flat end mill - Added diameter range (D3)
» SED 4...UL: 4 flute long flat end mill - New product line
» SED 4...U-R: 4 flute medium corner radius end mill - New product line

STARMILL_New SED End Mills_ Detail View