ChaseFeed’s Positive Single-sided High Feed 13 mm is Thicker, Stronger, Better Endurance ( Oct. 13. 2014 )

TaeguTec is expanding its ChaseFeed line with the launching of the SBMT 13, a high positive helix cutting edge insert designed for smooth machining during high feed machining applications.

The single-sided positive four cutting edge SBMT 13 inserts achieve better cutting force over other

double-sided inserts and its increased insert thickness gives the line better endurance under high feed conditions.

The SBMT 13 ChaseFeed easily handles feed rates of up to 2 millimeters per tooth at maximum depths of cut of 2 mm.

The strong and positive single-sided SBMT 1306 insert with its 6.35 mm thickness provides the necessary durability for smooth low power machining in high feed milling of various kinds of workpiece materials.

Moreover, the inserts are available in two kinds of geometries, “M” for optimum machining in stable setups as well as “ML” which is suited for low power machining in unstable setups and long overhangs.

The new ChaseFeed includes cylindrical shank end mills in 32, 33, 35, 40 and 42 mm diameters modular end mill type in 32, 33, 40 and 42 mm diameters and also in face mill types from 50 to 125 mm diameters.

During its extensive product testing at the Asian metalworking giant’s center, TaeguTec’s new SBMT 13 inserts outperformed the competition in various tests on many different materials.

When tested on a material made from KP4 tool steel, the SBMT 13 outlasted the competitor’s similar tool by almost 70 percent and increased productivity by just under 200 percent.

Tool life was also increased while testing the SBMT 13 on SKD 61 steel. In this test, the tool life for ChaseFeed’s new addition outlasted the competition by 211 percent.

Productivity increase and tool life were also greatly improved during tests on a FCD500 work piece. For this test, with all cutting conditions the same on both ChaseFeed’s SBMT 13 and the competitor’s tool, the new TaeguTec line increased productivity by 62.5 percent and tool life by 25 percent.