New Multifunctional TopCap line_Brings New Dimension to Grooving ( Aug. 21. 2013 )

TaeguTec’s multifunctional tool family the T-Cap has now been upgraded with new design features to enable additional machining operations that improves on cost and increases productivity.

To make this a truly versatile tool that can perform multiple operations while reducing machining times, TaeguTec’s new TopCap family performs grooving and groove turning operations as well as drilling, boring, face-turning and external turning.

The main feature in its cost savings function is TopCap’s two insert types for the same holder which is created with a special recessed seat and dovetail pocket design for rigid clamping while protecting the grooving cutting edge from chip flow. Furthermore, the current standard insert for the T-Cap family can also be mounted on TopCap holders.

The true benefit of the TopCap product family is that it can be used for multiple operations making it an ideal solution for companies looking to reduce its inventory, machining cycle times and operation cost.

During a cutting test against a competitor’s tool, TaeguTec’s new TopCap came out on top because of several factors like no vibration and good chip evacuation when using a CNC lathe machine on S45C steel at a depth of 1.5 mm, speed of 120 m/min and a feed rate of 0.1 mm/rev.