TaeguTec Introduces New B-Type Chipformer Threading Insert ( May. 06. 2013 )

May 6, 2013 – TaeguTec has unveiled a new threading insert that combines its “M” press-to-size type chipformer with its regular fully-ground type in order to be used for both internal and external thread turning.

The new B-Type Threading Inserts’ molded chipformer design has sharp cutting edges for improved chip breaking as well as chip evacuation at lower cutting force.

The marriage of the regular type and “M” type inserts makes internal and external machining of stainless steels, higher temperature alloys and mild steel easier than before.

Its improved chip breaking and better chip evacuation made it possible for the new T-Thread B-Type insert to achieve better surface quality finish and reduced tooling cost.

On an external threading operation using stainless steel 316L, the B-Type insert’s life was improved by 2.2 times against the M-Type when a 120 m/min cutting speed was applied with a feed rate of 1.5 mm/rev