TT7505 Chips Away at the Hard and Tough ( Apr. 12. 2016 )

New Cast Iron Grade for High-Speed Grooving Applications

Recent trends in complex shaped component machining and high-speed cutting conditions for productivity improvement have proven to be a challenge for cast iron.

To adapt to these trends including some of the more common challenges like flank and crater wear, notch wear and build-up-edges caused by abrasion, adhesion and diffusion, TaeguTec has introduced the TT7505 grade for high-speed grooving applications on cast iron.

The Asian metalworking giant’s new coating grade is introduced to meet both the high hardness and strong toughness requirements demanded by cast iron machining.

The TT7505 grade is optimized for high-speed cast iron machining – including continuous cutting applications – while guaranteeing stability and longer tool life.

An additional advantage of the TT7505 grade is the application of a special CVD coating technology and a newly developed substrate for improved wear resistance and toughness for overall better performance.

The new grade’s features offer overall improved machining on a wide range of applications for all customers no matter the industry.

During several case studies, TaeguTec’s TT7505 grade increased tool life by 25 percent while machining ductile cast iron GGG 40.3 and by 13 percent on the gray cast iron of GG 35 materials.