Feeding the Positive Feeding the Positive ( Feb. 18. 2016 )

ChaseFeed High Positive SBMT 09 Insert Line for High Feed, High Productivity Machining

TaeguTec’s ChaseFeed family of highly efficient SBMT inserts and relevant holders have been expanded to enable the same excellent performance for high feed rate conditions in smaller depth of cut applications.

The SBMT 09 insert comes with a high positive helix cutting edge and is perfectly suited for smooth machining applications. Similar to its SBMT 13 counterpart, the SBMT 09 is a single-sided, four-cutting-edge insert specifically suited to generate a lower cutting load during machining.

The SBMT 09 insert line includes end mills in diameters 25-40 millimeter, modular types in 25-42 mm and face mill types in diameters 32-80 mm. Also, all SBMT 09 line tool holders are coolant capable due to their built-in through hole design.

Specifically made for high durability, these inserts can reach a feed rate of 1.5 mm/tooth at a maximum depth of cut of 1.2 mm. These strong and positive single-sided inserts come in a 4 mm thickness generating smooth machining in high feed milling on various workpiece materials.

The SBMT 09 inserts are available in three geometries: “M” for optimum machining in steel and general machining; “ML” for stainless steel, heat resistant alloy, low power machining in unstable and long overhang situations as well as “MR” for high hardness machining and interrupted conditions.

The testing phase of the ChaseFeed SBMT 09 line recorded some remarkable improvements in tool life, productivity and metal removal rate compared to the leading competitors’ similar tools.

When pitted against two leading competitors, the SBMT 09 increased tool life by 88 percent and 100 percent while machining a workpiece made from X40CrMoV5-1.

The increase in metal removal rates were equally impressive ranking up increases of 100 percent on materials made from mold steel.

The most impressive improvement came in productivity, TaeguTec’s ChaseFeed SMBT 09 increased productivity by as much as 180 percent over the competition on X40CrMoV5-1 workpieces.