Bursting Out the High-Pressure Coolant ( Jun. 17. 2014 )

Like a thoroughbred bursting out of the gates, TaeguTec’s new high pressure coolant tool and holder system for turning applications takes the worry out of making sure sufficient coolant is supplied while machining difficult-to-cut materials at higher speeds.

The new T-Burst delivers high-pressure coolant where it is needed the most, directly to the cutting edge through dual coolant holes and an adjustable nozzle making it possible for high-pressure coolant to be streamed exactly in the required cutting zone between metal chip and the insert’s rake face.

By employing the adjustable nozzle, metalworking professionals will be able to accurately and effectively apply the coolant jets in order to facilitate optimum chip control and short chip formation while extending

the tool’s life as well as increasing productivity through higher cutting speeds and feed rates.

Furthermore, the ingenious retractable nozzle design makes it possible to change or index cutting inserts

on the machines without having to detach the nozzle housing thereby reducing set-up times. The unique high-pressure coolant system was designed with a static housing and nozzle tube which makes it possible to swivel both the right and left directions depending on the need.

TaeguTec’s T-Burst system is capable of handling a maximum of 300 bars of coolant pressure.

Because of this high-pressure and accurate coolant flow to the insert’s cutting edge, tool life has been extended while machining difficult-to-cut materials like titanium and other heat resistant alloys, stainless and alloy steels.

Real world tests found that under the same cutting conditions as some of the leading competitors, TaeguTec’s T-Burst extended tool life by over 50 percent and machinists were able to increase cutting speeds on difficult-to-cut materials by over 20 percent.